Things to do before class, Aug. 30

No workshop hours this Friday, Aug. 26. But if you want to meet with me, just let me know. I can be available!

  1. Get the book and read all the things listed on the Course Schedule under the Week 2 heading.
  2. Videos: The titles of the videos correspond to the assigned reading. The videos are listed in order here: YouTube Playlist.
  3. Complete Quiz 1 before it expires (in Canvas) — Monday deadline!
  4. Download, install and run your text editor program before you come to class. Links to text editors are near the top of the Course Schedule page. (Atom is my favorite.)
  5. Bring your laptop and power cord and headphones/earbuds to class on Tuesday. Be prepared to stay the entire three hours (unless you complete Assignment 1 in less time than that).

During class you will be doing Assignment 1. I don’t intend to lecture you. (The videos are the lectures in this course.) My role will be to answer your questions and help you if you get stuck.

Assignment 1 is available now in Canvas. You can certainly preview it before class, or even get started on it.

Chapters 1 and 2 in the assigned book are background and foundation material. People who work on digital stuff — apps, websites, games, etc. — know these fundamentals. I hope you will want to understand them.

Chapter 4 is your first introduction to HTML. NOTE: Skip pages 51 and 52. You are NOT using either one of those text editor programs!

I think the exercises in chapter 4 will be very helpful for you. Consider typing them out — not merely reading them. Learning what is in chapter 4 is essential to completing Assignment 1.

There’s a sidebar about XHTML on page 61. Ignore that. This is one of the few outdated things in this book — we don’t do XHTML at all nowadays. Now everything is HTML5.

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