Final Project Details 2017

In the week of Nov. 13–17, we will have our last quiz, and you’ll turn in your last weekly assignment.

That’s also the week when your project work begins!

The project has several deadlines. You are graded on EACH deadline, and you cannot make them up later.

  • Sun Nov 12 – Project proposal due
  • Tue Nov 28 AND Tue Dec 5 – Project presentations in class
  • Sun Nov 26 – Project Week 1 due
  • Fri Dec 1 – Project Week 2 due
  • Fri Dec 8 – Project Week 3 due
  • Mon Dec 11 (finals week) – Project Final due – posted on your own website (not GitHub)

During this time there are no quizzes or other assignments. Class continues to meet, and attendance will be taken. Friday workshop hours will be discontinued with one exception: On Friday, Dec. 8, I will be available if you tell me in advance you want to come in. Classes end on Dec. 6. Our class WILL meet on Tuesday, Dec. 5 (and we may need to move to a different room that day; I will tell you closer to that date).


Design examples

What is a good project?

Above all, I want you to create a web apps project that will be a great addition to your personal portfolio.

Your project must be about something, or it helps the users to do something. Before you choose the subject, imagine showing it in a job interview. The person interviewing you will probably ask WHY you built an app about this topic. Now, I can imagine two different ideas in that person’s head: (1) “Why in the world would anyone make a web app about this?” Or: (2) “Interesting! I wonder why he/she picked this?” That (1) is a pretty negative thought, and it’s not what you want that person to be thinking! So aim for (2) when you plan your app, and be able to answer the question.

Here are criteria for your project:

  1. Your project must NOT be a personal website, a website about you or a friend or a small business, or a resume or portfolio website.
  2. It must use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. All images must be fully legal to use and fully attributed and linked (if they are your own images, made by you, that fact must be explicitly stated in text that is visible on your page).
  4. Any videos, music, maps, charts, illustrations, etc., that you use must be fully attributed and linked to their sources. No copyrights can be violated. Plagiarism rules from this course’s syllabus ARE in effect.
  5. JavaScript must be included in a way that is useful. Including Highcharts charts and/or Leaflet maps qualifies as useful JavaScript, but those are not the only ways we can use JavaScript. You could create a game or a quiz from scratch. You could use a JavaScript library for animations. There are lots of possibilities. (You are not required to include Highcharts charts and/or Leaflet maps.)
  6. Interactivity is expected. Your users should not just be staring at text and images. They should be able to DO THINGS on your page.
  7. All pages are fully responsive. I will test them at very large widths and very small widths, and also for iPhone 6 in the Chrome Dev Tools.
  8. Your app may include more than one page, but many web apps today are completely contained on just one page. In fact, it is more common nowadays to see a one-page app. So I encourage you to create a one-page app that demonstrates current best practices in web design.
  9. You MAY use Bootstrap, but it is not required. If you do not use Bootstrap, you will still be held to professional standards of design, including: correct font stacks; fully responsive design; accessibility of images and form controls; page layout with thoughtful spacing and arrangement of elements.
  10. If you use Bootstrap, you MAY use a free or paid theme. Using a Bootstrap theme is NOT easy; you will learn lots of new things if you try this (just Google bootstrap themes). Once you have mastered a Bootstrap theme, you have a new and very valuable skill. Make sure any theme you use is specifically for Bootstrap 4. Whether you use a theme or not, you will be graded on correct use of Bootstrap styles.

If you have questions about the project, please post them HERE as a reply to this post.


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