What is a “full-stack” developer?

You’ll probably come across this phrase — “full-stack” developer — if you Google around for information about Web development. It’s intimidating to look at the lists of technologies a full-stack developer uses. However, I think it’s useful to look at the lists.

Why? Mainly because we see that some things are common, and others are not. For example:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

These are common front-end development technologies, and you’ll see that many of the full-stack developers use them. Not everyone uses Bootstrap, of course, but it’s pretty common.

You’ll also see these a lot:

Those are back-end technologies, and so they’re not part of this course.

By noticing that there is a lot of variety in the lists of technologies used, you should take heart in knowing that there’s not just one fixed set of tools that all developers must know. The tools you choose to master often depend on the projects you have chosen to do, or the projects that you joined when others made some of the choices.

Also, not everyone needs to try to become a full-stack developer. You can focus on the front end or on the back end. I think most Web developers (not designers, but developers) have some back-end skills and way more expertise with front-end technologies.

For news apps, you don’t need the long list of skills that a full-stack developer claims.

This guy says that actually there are not that many good full-stack developers to be found.