New classroom; half-price book sale

Our new classroom is Weimer 3032. This is on the third floor alongside the atrium, in the corner farthest from the elevator. We will meet there starting Tuesday, Aug. 30.

It is possible that some days we will need to meet in the original room instead. I will give you advance notice of those days.

An ebook version of our textbook went on sale today at half price, which is $20.99. Go to this page before Sept. 14, and use discount code B2S6. Other O’Reilly books are on sale too (ebooks only). These are the best books for learning programming and technology, so browse around.

See you in class!

Room changes Dec. 1 and 8

We are losing our normal classroom on both Tuesdays, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8. So here are the replacement rooms:

Dec. 1, starting at 10:40 a.m. as usual: We will meet in the INC conference room. This is the big room with a glass wall on the 3rd floor, overlooking the INC newsroom.

Dec. 8, starting at 11:45 a.m. (1 hour late): We will meet in Weimer room 2050. This is one of the large labs on the 2nd floor, overlooking the atrium.

I apologize for the disruption! Students will be doing presentations BOTH DAYS, so make sure your gh-pages branch in GitHub is up-to-date!

Room Change

UPDATE: Class will meet in Weimer 3032 (the large room at the end of the atrium wing, third floor) on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

This is the second room we moved to on the day of the first class.

We will meet in this room every week — unless I tell you otherwise. There are two or three weeks when we will need to meet elsewhere. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Bring your laptop, your power cord, and your earbuds or headphones.

I will bring one printed copy of the book that you can look at if necessary.