First class: Tuesday, August 25

I’m excited about this class! I hope you are too.

Make sure you arrive ON TIME for class on Tuesday. This is an important class meeting, and you should NOT miss it.

Bring your laptop.

You have an assignment due on Monday, August 31. You’ll want to hear more about that, I think.

I’ll also explain about the software you’ll need to download and install before the second class meeting.

Finding the classroom

Weimer 3219: We are on the third floor of Weimer Hall, but our room is NOT in the wing we call “the atrium.” It’s in the other wing, sometimes called “the Flanagan wing.”

To find the room, picture Weimer Hall as an L shape. The atrium is the bottom of the L, left to right. The Flanagan wing is the side of the L, top to bottom. The two wings meet at the bottom of the L. The top of the L is the part closest to the Florida Gym and Stadium Road. Our room, Weimer 3219, is in the top of the L.

Go to the third floor. Walk all the way to end of the third-floor hall in the Flanagan wing, past the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information — keep going! You’ll find it. If you came from the atrium, keep turning corners.

If you ask anyone for help, ask where the Brechner Center is. No one will know room 3219 by its number.

Weimer 3219