Required Work

[ Updated August 15, 2018 ]

You are required to read the entire syllabus PDF.


Assignments 50 percent
Quizzes 30 percent
Final Project 10 percent
Attendance/Participation 10 percent
TOTAL 100 percent

Class attendance and participation

Attendance is important for this course. Points will be subtracted if you miss more than one (1) lecture or lab, are chronically late, leave class early, or show inattention. Participation is expected; points will be subtracted if you do not contribute or repeatedly show inattention (e.g. your eyes are glued to your phone). See the syllabus document for complete details on how attendance s counted.

Everyone gets 10 attendance points. You will lose points throughout the semester if you are absent multiple times, etc.


You will have challenging weekly assignments that require you to use the skills learned that week and in previous weeks. It is expected that assignments after week 3 will take several hours to complete. All assignments will be posted in Canvas.

The formula: Your total assignment points / Total possible assignment points * 50 = 50 percent of your course grade


You will have a weekly quiz in Canvas. The quiz will cover the assigned reading.

The formula: Your total quiz points / Total possible quiz points * 30 = 30 percent of your course grade

Final project

In the final weeks of the course, you will come up with an idea for an interactive web app and create it. An online portfolio or personal website is NOT permitted as a project. The project should be good enough to add to your professional portfolio.

The book and the videos, etc.

You are required to read assigned chapters in the book, as well as some online materials. Your learning and understanding will be enhanced and improved if you also watch the course videos, which constitute the lectures for this course. If you neglect the assigned readings and videos, you are likely to find this course to be unnecessarily difficult.

Tests or exams

There are no tests or exams  in this course.


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